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PRP Treatment in Kuala Lumpur

Platelet-rich plasma (“PRP”) treatment is commonly done to address sport-related injuries or joint problem such as osteoarthritis.

The idea is by using our own body healing mechanism, and harvesting platelet layer in our own blood, it contains a large amount of growth factors, and when injected back to the specific area of the body, scalp, knee joint or face, it induces a cascade of natural self-repair mechanism.

This makes the PRP treatment safe and doesn’t cause allergy or rejection when injected to a body. PRP is widely used to treat hair loss/thinning problems, while for face, it is used to treat acne scars, deep wrinkles, sensitive skin and skin thinning.

Newer PRP regimen includes mixture with Hyaluronic acid for added skin hydration effects and at Sliq Clinic, we are using the Regenlab PRP kit from Switzerland which can harvest a large percentage of growth factors in just ONE session.

You will observe noticeable result in just the first session using the Regenlab PRP kit as compared to other conventional PRP kits in the industry, where it would typically require 6-8 sessions.

Depending on each individual cases and severity of issues, PRP may also be used with the combination of laser treatment to yield better results. As PRP is non-surgical and done with tiny needles, it leaves no scars and patients can resume social activity in just after one day of mild skin redness.

PRP Treatment Process

Each treatment is done over 30-40 mins, under local anaesthesia or numbing cream, and has minimal downtime of 1 day.

Skin will appear reddish immediately after treatment but on the next morning, you will only notice minor redness. Substantial results can be seen at around day 5-7 of PRP treatments, while skin improvement will be noticed on day to day basis, as the skin is healing using our growth factors.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

Growth factors play a major role in tissue damage repair mechanism, and when is concentrated and reinfected at the problematic area, it induces the targeted tissues/skin to begin the healing process.

In cases of balding and hair thinning, these growth factors will stimulate the hair follicle and regenerate new cells that will regrow new and stronger hair follicles.

Acne scars will also be improved this way when collagen cascade is stimulated naturally.

Best of all, no medicines or surgery is required for PRP treatment.

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