Body treatment

Body Treatment


HCG, which stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, is known as the pregnancy hormone since it is produced during pregnancy by the placenta. The HCG diet, is prescribed with HCG supplements with injections to induce weight loss over a period of 30 days cycle. Overall weight loss can be achieved is targetted at 10% body weight, over a period of 30 days. Some patient reports up to 400 gm loss of weight each day.

Its advisable to be consulted by our medical doctor and discuss your weight loss goal and target.

Book for our consultation today, and let us help you achieve them in positive and healthy way.

  • Treatment price ***
  • No downtime, HCG diet is required for best outcome
  • Treatment duration 10 mins once a week in office assessment for a month

Body Treatment


Saxenda is similar to a hormone that occurs naturally in the body and helps control blood sugar, insulin levels, and digestion.

Saxenda is an injectable prescription medicine that may help some obese adults or overweight adults who also have weight-related medical problems, and children aged 12 to 17 years with a body weight above 60 kg and obesity, to lose weight and keep the weight off. It is used together with diet and exercise.

Saxenda is usually given once per day. And its comes in a prefilled injection pen. Dosing will be adjust for the first month, to achieve a maintenance dose.

While there is no any specific diet to go with this treatment, standard exercises and advice for healthy food diet intake is necessary to maintain result.

Its advisable to use Saxenda up to 16 weeks for best optimal outcome.

  • Treatment price ***
  • No downtime, self injection kit at home.
  • Treatment duration 1 mins

Body Treatment


CoolSculpting is a branded form of fat reduction method called cryolipolysis. This treatment is FDA approved and it uses freezing temperatures to break down fat cells, without needing for surgical intervention. Fat cells are more affected by cold temperatures than other cells. This means that the cold does not damage other cells, such as the skin or underlying tissue.

During the procedure, the applicator is placed on the the skin above the area of fatty tissue, and cold temperature is applied over 35 mins. The cold temperatures numb the site, and some people report feeling a cooling sensation.

 There is no downtime because there is no damage to the skin or tissue

  • Treatment price ****
  • No downtime
  • Treatment duration 35 mins per cycle

Body Treatment

Indiba Radiofrequency

This is a heat based device based on proionic Radio frequency technology. Indiba is designed and made in Spain, has 30 years experience on this technology and numerous research on its benefits. Its treatment is done over 45 mins -1 hour over face and neck. Body areas such as tummy, arms, or thigh areas are for treatment of cellulite and fats. Results are immediate but repeated treatments (usually 4-8 treatments) are required to have a long-lasting effect. Treatment is relaxing (feels like a massage) and it does not have any downtime or redness post treatment. It’s also not a painful procedure and its also suitable for post surgery like liposuction, or post-delivery such as LSCS ( Caesarean section ) for mommies who want to restore their body elasticity to prior to pregnancy. It’s also an excellent device for saggy breast and mild eyebags for those who do not want to go for surgery and want a more natural result. Indiba helps reduces water retention problem by improving the lymphatic system of our body. It’s usually done in combination for any weight loss procedure to tightening loose skin post weight loss.

  • Treatment price ***
  • No downtime
  • Treatment duration 30-60 mins

Body Treatment

Wonder EMS

This groundbreaking innovation allows you to build muscles and remove excess fat in just a few sessions. A treatment session with the Wonder powerful technology is equivalent to several hours of physical training.

Since 2013, the Wonder body toning technology has been used in elite sports in more than 60 countries. Thousands of world champions, national teams, and prestigious athletes use this technique to burn off unnecessary fat and build muscles in record time. Wonder works at the same time on the buttocks, abdomen and legs and increases strength, endurance and balance throughout the body.

  • Treatment price ***
  • No downtime
  • Treatment duration 25 mins for 6 muscles group simultaenously


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