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Natural PRP Treatment in Kuala Lumpur & PJ

富血小板血浆(PRP) 治疗通常用于解决与运动相关的损伤或关节问题,例如骨关节炎。

这个治疗是利用我们自己的身体愈合机制,在我们自己的血液中采集血小板层, 它含有大量的生长因子。因此当我们注射于头皮、膝盖关节或面部时,它会促进自然有效的自体修复功能。

PRP治疗很安全,注射于体内时不会引起过敏或排斥反应。 PRP 广泛用于治疗脱发问题。而对于面部,则用于治疗暗疮疤痕、深层皱纹、敏感皮肤等等。

较新的 PRP疗法是将自体的PRP血浆成分和玻尿酸结合,在Sliq诊所,我们所采的是来自瑞士的 Regenlab PRP 试剂盒,它可以一次收获大量的生长因子。在 Sliq诊所,我们所采的是来自瑞士的 Regenlab PRP 试剂盒,它可以一次收获大量的生长因子。

您将 在使用 Regenlab PRP 试剂盒的第一次疗程中观察到明显的结果, 不像其它传统 PRP 试剂盒通常需要 6-8 次疗程才看到效果。

Comparison between Sliq Clinic’s PRP and other generic PRP:

Description Sliq Clinic’s PRP (RegenLab) Generic PRP
Origin Switzerland
Types A-PRP, Cellular Matrix with Hyaluronic acid Normal red plain tube.
Platelet recovery >80% <50%
Red blood cells, White blood cell removal 96.7-99.7% 50-70%
Blood needed 8cc blood per session 20-40cc blood per session
No. of sessions per year 3-4 sessions 8-12 sessions
Pain level Minimal Ranges from minimal to extremely painful
Bruise 99.9% non-bruising  Bruise are common
Injection method Safe 9pin-microneedle dermashine machine Hand injection (painful/risk of bruising) or micropen (less effective)
Anaesthesia method Numbing cream Numbing cream or Nerve block
International approval Cellular Matrix BCT-HA – Medical Device Class III – CE2797 N/A


Depending on each individual cases and severity of issues, PRP may also be used with the combination of laser treatment to yield better results.

As our PRP treatment in Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya clinic is non-surgical and done with tiny needles, it leaves no scars and patients can resume social activity in just after one day of mild skin redness.

before and after for prp treatment in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya


PRP Treatment Process in Kuala Lumpur

Each treatment is done over 30-40 mins, under local anaesthesia or numbing cream, and has minimal downtime of 1 day.

Skin will appear reddish immediately after treatment but on the next morning, you will only notice minor redness. Substantial results can be seen at around day 5-7 of PRP treatments, while skin improvement will be noticed on day to day basis, as the skin is healing using our growth factors.


Why Choose Sliq Clinic for PRP Treatment

1. We use the industry highest grade PRP kit in the market called Regenlab cellular matrix (Made in Switzerland). This extensively researched kit provides the highest concentrate of growth factor compared to other PRP kit. With only 8cc flood needed from patient, it can produce enough PRP for whole face use. This special kit also comes with Hyaluronic acid which will give instant hydration to the skin.

2. Our doctor uses dermashine injector to deliver the PRP to your skin, less painful, 99% no bruising, quick, even distribution of injection compared to hand injection.

3. One step closed system PRP kit, greatly reduce chance of infection and contamination during procedure. Also in our clinic we practise aseptic technique in our procedures.

4. Experienced and qualified medical doctors with LCP (Malaysia) that specialized in aesthetics injection and technique.

Regenlab cellular matrix platelet rich plasma

Benefits of PRP Treatment

Growth factors play a major role in tissue damage repair mechanism, and when is concentrated and reinfected at the problematic area, it induces the targeted tissues/skin to begin the healing process.

In cases of balding and hair thinning, these growth factors will stimulate the hair follicle and regenerate new cells that will regrow new and stronger hair follicles. Acne scars will also be improved this way when collagen cascade is stimulated naturally.

Best of all, no medicines or surgery is required for our PRP treatment in Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya clinic.

Key PRP information below:

Blood Sample Vol Per Tube


PRP Vol Per Tube


Platelet Recovery


Red Blood Cell Depletion


Platelet Concentration Factor (Native)


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