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Remove Unwanted Acne Scars Today

Acne scar is one of the commonest problems that patients seek advice from at our clinic in KL and Subang.

Disfiguring scars (especially scarring on the face) can also lower one’s self-esteem and confidence. But don’t worry, our team at Sliq Clinic will help you get rid of the acne scars.



Treatment Options for Acne Scars 

我们诊所主要使用 意大利的飛梭镭射激光煥膚治療(DEKA ® Fractional CO2 Laser), 和 斯洛文尼亚的皮秒镭射激光系统 (Fotona ® Fractional Picosecond PQX Starwalker) for laser scar removal treatment at our clinic. This would help remove acne scars, traumatic scar and also stretch mark issues.


At Sliq Clinic, our fractional Co2 laser also is FDA approved and safe without compromising on its result. With its wavelength in the at 10,600 nm, CO2 laser energy is well absorbed in water.

In recent years, the latest in laser development also includes fractional Picosecond laser technology which can induce skin remodelling, completely non-thermal way and safe for all skintypes.

This method is often done one patients who prefer non-ablative treatment options for scars as its have shorter downtime compared to ablative laser.

This treatment is also done in a photo-damaged and aging skin as well, to improve pigments, pores, and deep wrinkles.

Note: Generally, a laser is preferred over chemical peels as it has better results and can treat multiple indications in the same session.

4 Available Treatments to Cater For All Acne Scars


(Option 1) Advanced Fractional Lasers

Fotona Starwalker PQX Picolaser (USA, EU)

Being the latest innovative laser system, Fotona Starwalker PQX delivers highest energy and peak power, offering speed combined with precision in treatments. Picosecond laser pulses induce skin remodelling with fast recovery. It works very well for PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) lightening and superficial scar removal besides achieving a brighter skin tone and oil control.

Picosecond laser technology is the perfect tool for effective skin pigment removal without damaging surrounding tissue and unwanted side effects. Picosecond laser pulses induce skin remodeling in a photoacoustic, completely non-thermal way, making it a very safe option for all skin types.

Deka Smartxide Punto Fractional CO Laser (Italy)

This advanced skin resurfacing laser system treats large pores and deep scars with minimal downtime. The SmartPulse and SmartStack technology provides maximum reliability in controlling the depth of vaporization. It is useful in treating boxcar and rolling scars. Deka also intrudes Cold Peel protocol, to provide patients with skin remodelling but much lesser downtime than other conventional Fractional CO2 in the market.

(Option 2) Subcision

Subcision is a simple and safe procedure performed by doctors for treatment of depressed acne scars. This method is used to release the thick fibrotic strands which tether the scar to the underlying subcutaneous tissue. It can easily be combined with other treatments such as lasers, injectables and scar revisions for maximum efficacy.

(Option 3) Scar Injections

Rejuran Healer & Rejuran “S (Korea)
These injectables contain salmon sperm derived Polynucleotides that regenerate skin cells from deep inside to repair damaged skin and improve its elasticity. It is a safe substance with no side effects and no downtime. As a result, your skin will be tightened and rejuvenated.

Intralesional Scar Injection:
This treatment significantly targets hypertrophic and keloidal scars. Usually several sessions are needed to efficiently shrink the size of the lesion.

(Option 4) Chemical Peels

TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) Peel helps diminish signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles) and is especially useful in treating ice pick scars and also discoloration.

..Scars show us where we’ve been, they don’t dictate where we’re going next!

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Acne Scar Results

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is fractional laser vs non-fractional laser?

Fractional laser technology is introduced since 2004, it result in rapid healing of the skin and reduced risks of side effect of laser.

In Sliq clinic, we ONLY use fractional laser technoly, as it’s the safest technology to treat scarring with minimal damage to the healthy surround skin tissues. Fractional laser also revolutionized the way we treat scarring as it shortens the downtime of each treatment without sacrificing the result.

Does fractional laser cause long downtime?
Newer generation laser like the Deka Fractional CO2 laser, and Fotona Picosencond laser provides a shorter downtime of 5-7 days to patient, much shorter compared to conventional laser which may takes up to 2 weeks of healing.
Does fractional laser cause skin to be thinner and sensitive?
This is a myth, as the basis of depressed acne scarring is that the skin over the scar is thinned and pitted, and fractional laser are used to resurface and remodel the skin layer with new collagen, this will thicken the skin layer, improve the surface texture of the skin, and does not thin the skin.

However, there is a process of healing in between the laser sessions, so your skin may appear more sensitive during the first week of treatment. Each patients will be provided with a post care protocol in our clinic to help optimized treatment result

Is there any side effects to fractional laser treatment?
As to any medical procedures, there is always a potential side effects or risks. In our clinic, we only uses fractional laser technology which is the safest option for scar treatments, at the same time, each patient will undergo a detailed skin analysis with our doctor, so to also provide patients a deeper understanding into treatment options available in our clinic. As scar treatment is a very individualized approach albeit a complex one, that is why we offers multiple modalities and post care treatment, skincare care products are available in our clinic.
What is the different between Fractional Fotona Picosecond laser and Deka Fractional CO2 laser for scar?
Fractional Co2 laser is an ablative laser, which means the top layer of the skin will notice peeling effect following each laser session.
However in the case of Fractional Picosecond laser, it does not have peeling, its downtime is shorter that ablative resurfacing laser.
Both procedure has its pro & cons, and its often prescribed based on patient skin type, lifestyle and type of scarring.

Does laser works on body scars or stretch marks as well?
Yes, fractional laser is safe for scars in body parts, and works amazingly well for stretch marks. Its also sometimes used to treat elevated scar suchs as keloids and hypertrophic scars as well.

Why choose Sliq Clinic for Acne Scar Treatment?

Specialised in Treating Acne Scar

Acne and acne scars have become our signature treatment over the years as we treat patients with acne and scar issues frequently.

We are registered under the Ministry of Health. Our clinic is KKM compliant and run by a group of experienced and passionate doctors. 

Wide Range of Treatment Options

At Sliq Clinic, we tackle scar cases with multimodality approach that include treatment options such as Advanced Fractional Deka Co2 lasers, Fotona Starwalker PQX Picolaser (USA, EU), Subcision, Rejuran Healer & Rejuran S (Korea), and Chemical Peels.

Suitable for All Skin Types

Each treatment combination is done based on type of scars on patients skin, so a detailed consultation with our doctors and in depth skin analysis is done before starting treatment to ensure the best results in lesser sessions.

Awards and Recognition

Came here to save myself from ongoing acne issue. Just a few sessions into the treatment and I can already see huge results! Special thanks to Dr Semantha and Kim!

Ng JingHann

I had skin treatment laser here. Very friendly, professional doctors and staffs. Highly recommended to come here and consult for any skin problems.

Celion Tang

Professional and friendly service. My face has cleared up from acute acne breakout after a course of facial treatment and medication. My compliments to Dr. Semantha and her team.

Rebecca Gan

I like the clinic environment and the services. Dr Steve is very professional and keeps up to date with current beauty trends to provide the best solution to my skin problem, especially for my very sensitive skin.

Tan Shin Mei

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Note: First 30 clients will get a special promotion this month.

Get a FREE Skin Assessment to Prevent Acne Scars (Worth RM349)

Note: First 30 clients will get a special promotion this month.