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Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks appears as pink or white bands around skin, usually over at stomach, treats, upper arms, thighs and buttocks area.

These lines are a different color and texture than your normal skin, and they range from purple to bright pink to light gray. Some stretch marks may have mild discomfort or sore over the area, and when you feel your fingers over it, it may feel like a ridge, or a depression.

Its caused by over stretching of skin over a period of short time beyond skin ability to stretch, or in cases where patients skin has lesser elastin and collagen, skin breaks more easily.

This broken skins then goes through a series of inflammation and healing, leaving a whitish appearance of scar. Therefore treatment is just as similar to scar treatments for most cases.

Its commonly noted after pregnancy, or due to sudden grow in size, secondary to weight gain or muscle bulk gain. They also tend to occur in adolescents who are rapidly growing. Stretch marks aren’t dangerous, and they often can lighten with time.

However, it can be a annoyance, or is perceived as cosmetically unappealing  to some patients who prefer smooth looking skin. Stretch marks may be associated with certain medical conditions such as Ehlers Danlos syndrome, or Cushing’s syndrome. Some chronic use of steroidal creams may also thin the skin and give rise to this issues as well.

Our Stretch Mark Removal Process

The laser typically used for these cases are resurfacing laser and its treated as how chronic scars are treated, at Sliq Clinic, we get good results with fractional laser such as Deka Punto fractional CO2 laser. It will have mild peeling over treated area for 4-5 days, and you may notice improvement over 4-5 sessions depending on cases.

Usually pink or newer stretch marks will require lesser session as compared to white colored marks. It is not unusual to be prescribed some medicated gel or cream to help with the recovery of skin, and each treatment is usually done over monthly basis.

Certain patient will benefit from combination of Radiofrequency or skin tightening devices as well in combination of fractional CO2 devices.

To read more about our laser system please click here for further information.

Before and after results of stretch mark removal:

I highly recommend this aesthetic clinic, Dr Steve and his team are very professional and caring. The treatment offered very satisfying results, with reasonable price. I’m looking forward for my next treatment, can’t wait!
Chia Peck Kee

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