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Laser Phototherapy

Our laser treatment, unlike other conventional lasers, offers minimal to no downtime without compromising on delivering excellent results! It is suitable for all skin types and does not worry as you can still resume your normal daily activity even undergoing treatments. Our center only offers FDA-approved laser systems, which is safe to effectively treat a wide variety of skin conditions with safety in mind. Modern lasers have low to no downtime, safe and do not cause a long-term side effect.

Common indications include:

Pigmentations & Sun damaged skin

Using Medlite c6 (USA) Q-switch Laser:
– Melasma
– Nevus of Ota
– Café-au-lait lesions
– Sun damages skin, Solar lentigens
– Uneven skin tones
– Tattoo removals
– Freckles
– Skin rejuvenation
– Pore size reduction
– Oily control
– Acne skins

• Treatment price ***
• Downtime 1-2 days
• Treatment duration 1 hour

 Acne and Scar treatments

Using Edge Fractional Co2 Laser:
– Skin rejuvenation and fine lines (anti-aging)
– Pore size reduction
– Oily control
– Acne Scars treatment
– Wrinkles
– Improves Skin laxity and texture
– War
– Warts/Moles/Corns

• Treatment price ***
• Downtime 5-7 days
• Treatment duration 1/2 hour

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