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Facelifting Treatment

As our skin ages, it loses its elasticity and thus is sagging downwards due to the effect of gravity. It creates a new problem on the face such as the laugh lines, sunken cheek area and also the appearance of jowling on each side of the mouth. To reverse this effect of aging, we offer few options of treatment to address this problem. In some cases, a combination may be required for the best effect as there are unique benefits to each options.

Indiba Face Lifting

This is a heat based device based on proionic Radio frequency technology. Indiba is designed and made in Spain, has 30 years experience on this technology and numerous research on its benefits. Its treatment is done over 45 mins -1 hour over face and neck. Body areas such as tummy, arms, or thigh areas are for treatment of cellulite and fats. Results are immediate but repeated treatments (usually 4-8 treatments) are required to have a long-lasting effect. Treatment is relaxing (feels like a massage) and it does not have any downtime or redness post treatment. It’s also not a painful procedure and its also suitable for post surgery like liposuction, or post-delivery such as LSCS ( Caesarean section ) for mommies who want to restore their body elasticity to prior to pregnancy. It’s also an excellent device for saggy breast and mild eyebags for those who do not want to go for surgery and want a more natural result. Indiba helps reduces water retention problem by improving the lymphatic system of our body. It’s usually done in combination for any weight loss procedure to tightening loose skin post weight loss.

• Treatment price ***
• No downtime to minimal 2-3 days
• Treatment duration 1/2 hour

HIFU Face Lifting

HIFU is used to treat saggy skin over faces neck and body parts. It’s non-invasive, does not have any downtime and doesn’t involve any needle as well. The result is immediate and long-lasting (as the treatment will induce collagen genesis, our skin will create new collagen after just one single treatment session), and treatment can be repeated over 8-12 months for the best result. 

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This treatment is recommended for a patient who does not prefer needle or surgery for a facelift and prefers natural outcome with zero downtime.

• Treatment price ***
• No downtime
• Treatment duration 1 hour

Thread Lifting

Threadlifting is preferred for patient who wants significant lifting and tightening of the face, and is usually done in combination of filler for best outcome. 

Result is natural, and it does not cause long term side effect as the thread is fully absorbable by the human body, and treatment can be done after 1-2 years. 

Click here to read more information about Thread Lifting.

Talk to us and let doctor advice you which treatment suitable to help with your condition and your expectation.

• Treatment price ****
• Non-downtime
• Treatment duration 1.5 hour

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