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Anti-aging Treatment

Anti-wrinkles Treatment

Botulinum Toxin A is an anti-wrinkle treatment with proven safety and efficacy for area such as forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines. Its FDA approved and effect can last from 4-6 months depending on individual, has no long-term side effects. Anti wrinkle treatment is the number one most performed treatment in aesthetic in recent years and is preferred choice of treatment due to no downtime, quick and natural outcome.
Many patients noted improvement of skin texture over treated area such as more radiance, less fine lines and generally healthier skin.

Also used frequently for dynamic eye bags, jaw slimming (masseter muscle), reshaping of leg, and treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding).

In our clinic we also offer treatment for hyperhydrosis with Botulinum Toxin A over palm and underarm area. its mechanism is by inhibiting the acetylcholine receptor in the neuromuscular junction to reduce muscle activity over the treatment area.

• Treatment price **
• No Downtime
• Treatment duration 1/2 hour

Anti-aging Treatment

Threadliftings Treatments

At Sliq Clinic, we offer a few selections of thread lifting method, one of which is Happylift from ReLife (product of Italy) where a double needle is used to achieve immediate lifting effect. These threads are special/patented, absorbable and made out of polylactic acid PLLA in combination with caprolactone and for full face only one to two pairs is required for full face lifting.  Results are immediate with possible minimal downtime of 3-5 days required to achieve natural-looking result. This thread has lifting capacity to elevate saggy areas including saggy jowl or jawline, deep laughing lines and also marionettes line. This thread lift is performed under local anaesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Ideal candidate age is between 30-60 years old, and the amount of thread is determined during the consultation to see what patients main concerns are.

Anti-aging Treatment

Vampire Facelift

Platelet-Rich Plasma (“PRP”) treatment is commonly done to address sport-related injuries or joint problem such as osteoarthritis.

The idea is by using our own body healing mechanism, and harvesting platelet layer in our own blood, it contains a large amount of growth factors, and when injected back to the specific area of the body, scalp, knee joint or face, it induces a cascade of natural self-repair mechanism.

This makes the PRP treatment safe and doesn’t cause allergy or rejection when injected to a body. PRP is widely used to treat hair loss/thinning problems, while for face, it is used to treat acne scars, deep wrinkles, sensitive skin and skin thinning.

Newer PRP regimen includes mixture with Hyaluronic acid for added skin hydration effects and at Sliq Clinic, we are using the Regenlab PRP kit from Switzerland which can harvest a large percentage of growth factors in just ONE session.

You will observe noticeable results in just the first session using the Regenlab PRP kit as compared to other conventional PRP kits in the industry, where it would typically require 6-8 sessions.

  • Treatment price ***
  • 1 day mild redness as downtime
  • Treatment duration 60 minutes

Anti-aging Treatment

Dark Eye Circles

In our center, we are using FDA approved laser system from USA, the Cynosure Conbio Medlite C6 and Revlite laser.

These are gold standard treatment widely used in many parts of the world due to its safety profile and effective results.

This laser is commonly used to treat pigmentary skin disorder, rejuvenate aging skin, and lightens dark eye circle.

This laser targets chromophores such as melanin which is found to be more in pigmented skin/under eye area. It’s considered as a no-downtime laser treatment, and convenient for modern day life as the patient is able to apply makeup or concealer immediately after each session.

In some cases of dark eye circle and tired eye look, dermal filler may be recommended as combination treatment to get the best results. Dark eye circle treatment needs to be assessed individually by consulting the doctor to see the severity and treatment options available.

Anti-aging Treatment

HIFU Face lifting

Ultrasound technology has been used in medicine for many years as a non-surgery option to treatment multiple conditions such as Ultrasonography in imaging, and kidney stone removal. It can be as gentle as using for pregnancy scanning to see images of embryo, and can be used to blast kidney stones into pieces without surgery. In aesthetic its used to treat saggy skin over faces neck and body parts. Its non-invasive, does not have any downtime and doesn’t involve any needle as well. Result is immediate and long lasting (as the treatment will induce collagengenesis, our skin will create new collagen after just one single treatment session, and treatment can be repeated over 8-12 months for best result. Its suitable for people with mild saggy and like immediate result without multiple treatment required. Also suitable for double chin area, as HIFU technology able toe reduce fat at area of treatment.

This treatment is recommended for patient who does not prefer needle or surgery for facelift, and prefer natural outcome with zero downtime.

• Treatment price ***
• Non-downtime
• Treatment duration 1 hour


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