HappyLift (TM) Thread Lift Treatment


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HappyLift (TM) Thread Lift Treatment

At Sliq Clinic, we offer a few selections of thread lifting method, one of which is Happylift from ReLife (product of Italy) where a double needle is used to achieve immediate lifting effect.

These threads are special/patented, absorbable and made out of polylactic acid PLLA in combination with caprolactone and for full face only one to two pairs is required for full face lifting. 

Results are immediate with possible minimal downtime of 3-5 days required to achieve natural-looking result.

This thread has lifting capacity to elevate saggy areas including saggy jowl or jawline, deep laughing lines and also marionettes line. This thread lift is performed under local anaesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Ideal candidate age is between 30-60 years old, and the amount of thread is determined during the consultation to see what patients main concerns are.

🏆 Award Winning Happy Lift 🏆

Our clinic won the 2019 Relife Menarini Group Certified Gold award for our practice of using Happy Lift 

sliq clinic happy lift award

Which Problem Can Be Fixed With HappyLift?

-Laughing lines

-Saggy cheeks

-Droppy lateral eyebrows

-Marionette lines

-Sagging jowling

-Double chin

-Jawline lifting

relife happy lift

What to Expect From HappyLift (TM) Thread Lift Treatment

Happy Lift is designed to lift and hold soft and/or sagging facial tissues for a refreshed look and more defined facial contours. It is a patented line of absorbable, monofilament, suspension barbed threads made of unique materials comprising poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone. The swelling will subside in 3-5 days, during recovery time, no strenuous activities or contact sports are allowed. You will be put on anti-inflammatory if required.

Your skin will notice improvement after new collagen is formed after 2 weeks of treatment with noticeable tightening effect and skin lifting effects. 

A month later, you may notice additional improvement for your skin texture, scars and smoothness due to new collagens stimulations. This effect can be noticed to improve over the span up to 3 months.

Thread lifting is always a preferred non-surgical way for a patient who wants immediate lifting and tightening of the face and in some cases, may be done in combination with a filler or anti-wrinkle treatment for the best outcome.

Immediate result after 1 pair of HappyLift, as can be noticed, not much immediate swelling post-treatment

Why Choose HappyLift vs Other Threads

Results are natural, and it does not cause a long-term side effect as the thread is fully absorbable by the human body, and treatment can be done after 1-2 years.

Less number of thread needed to achieve lifting results, some other thread may need more than 1 or 2 pair to get good liftings. This treatment is also proven safe as PLLA has been used for many other aesthetic procedure for more than 10 years.

Minimal downtime, and in most cases, no bruise or minimal bruise following procedure.

Most patient rate this treatment to be quite painless or totally painless during procedure, quick as well and can be done within 30 minutes of patients time.

Skin is noticeably tighter after treatment due to the production of new collagen, so there are long-term benefits of the thread.

Some of our clients notice improvement of skin texture, pores fine lines post threadlift treatments.

Why Choose HappyLift vs Other Threads

Description HappyLift smile PDO Thread
Origins Italy Korea
Threads Required 1 pair to 2 pairs (depends on age) 12-20 Pairs
Downtime 3-5 days 1-2 weeks
Bruises Minimal to none Typically more bruising
Longevity 1-2 years Usually 6-8 months
Pain Level Minimal to none Minimal to moderate
Thread Durability Good durability Mild to Moderate
Brands Single origin Multiple brandings, quality varies between brands

Why Choose Sliq Clinic for The Procedure

Our clinic is compliant to the Malaysian Ministry of Health, and our doctors are LCP compliant as well.

Our doctors are also active in doctors training and up to date to latest non-invasive procedures including actively conducting training for HappyLift threads and other injectables.

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