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Permanent and Painless Hair Removal Process

We provide permanent laser hair removal solutions in our Kuala Lumpur / Subang Jaya clinic if you wish to get rid of unwanted hair, or if you are tired of going to waxing centers and experience painful hair removal procedures

Introducing Alma Diode Laser Hair Removal (Gold Standard)

This laser system from Germany utilizes diode technology for maximum comfort and is 被认为脱毛技术行业中“黄金标准”的治疗。 technology.


What to expect from laser hair removal?

✅ Laser from Germany as a permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair.

✅ Shaving/Waxing is no longer needed 🙌

✅ We are using Patented In Motion™️ technology that is well known in the industry as the gold standard for hair removal

✅ Painless, safer, and more effective as compared to traditional waxing solution

✅ Hair Removal is one of our most popular and highly-rated treatment!

✅ Award Winning 🏆Hair Removal quality – We won the prestigious Harper’s Bazaar Best of Aesthetic award for permanent laser hair removal thanks to our use of the Alma Diode laser 

Why choose Sliq Clinic for Laser Hair Removal?

Award Winning Hair Removal

We won the prestigious Harper’s Bazaar Best of Aesthetic award for permanent laser hair removal thanks to our use of the Alma Diode laser

Wide Range of Options

Our laser is suitable for all body parts, ranging from underarm, face, legs & feet, bikini line, back & shoulders, chest & abdomen, buttocks, arms & hands, neckline, nose, ears & unibrow

Suitable for All Skin Types

Alma diode hair removal is suitable for both light and darker skin types for both men and women. It’s also suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Permanent Hair Removal at Sliq Clinic

Laser Hair Removal Comparison with Waxing


Lasting Effect Permanent results Hair regrowth after 2-6weeks
Pain Threshold Painless Painful
Skin Suitability Suitable for all skin types Irritation for sensitive skin
Body Parts Available for all body parts Available for all body parts


Focused energy to target hair follicle and prevent it from growing back Rips hair from the root which causes ingrowns


FINALLY Say Goodbye to Shaving….


And Hello 👋 to Permanent and Painless Hair Removal


Scroll below to see our laser hair removal results 👇👇

Hair Removal Results (Women and Men)

Frequently Asked Questions

We are using state of the art Alma diode laser hair removal technology from Germany. This machine is unique as it has patented In-motion technique with SHR which dramatically improves the result.
Usual session for permanent hair reduction is 6-8 sessions (to achieve permanent hair reduction), may need a yearly touch up session to remain hairless
Why does hair removal need more than 1 session?
There are 3 phases of hair growth, and only in the anagen phase (growing phase of hair) where hair removal treatment is effective, this is usually 20% of hair during each treatment.
So subsequent sessions are for other areas in one month period of time. An earlier interval of treatments may not yield quicker results.
If you follow the treatment protocol, you can expect a reduction of at least 80-90% of total hair reduction in treated area, in other few cases where hair still regrows, it’s usually finer and lighter, easier to maintain.
I have done wax, why do I need a laser?
Waxing does not have permanent hair reduction, besides its also more painful compared to diode laser hair removal. In some cases, hair becomes thicker after many sessions of waxing.
永久性除毛是解决毛发内生问题最有效的方法。 毛发内生问题可能表现为面部毛发部位反复出现暗疮,并且对其他暗疮治疗或药物反应不佳。
Which treatment area is suitable?
We offer treatment for full body or specific body parts treatments.
All areas including the Face, Breasts, Legs & Feet, Bikini Line, Back & Shoulders, Chest & Abdomen, Buttocks, Underarms, Arms & Hands, Neckline, Nose, Ears & Unibrow and be treated safely with the laser. Treatment is suitable for most skin type and both gender male or female.
The treated area may appear slightly red or pinpoint redness, which is the desired endpoint result indicating follicle responding well to the treatment area. There is no downtime related to this treatment. Rashes may also appear especially at ingrown hair or men’s back.
Pain threshold varies with each individual, but with diode laser technology, discomfort is reduced to minimum.
This diode laser system comes with cooling contact technology to reduce warm energy coming out from the laser and Alma diode laser system is industry top class laser system who has many years of experience developing hair removal technology which yields effective results and keeps patients comfort in mind.
I have done my armpit hair removals and continue for back body hair removal, honestly the result was spectacular within 1-2 sessions! I have found my perfect beauty clinic
Hazwan Yusof

Went to Sliq Clinic for the 3rd time today to do a different treatment. Tried out their Alma hair removal laser. Was initially nervous regarding the pain. Dr Semantha reassured me and even gave me stress balls in case i needed it. To my surprise it was painless. Thank you for the great service. Highly recommend.
Simeran Kaur

Super cozy environment, and professional advise & treatment. They advise me how to take good care of my face skin after diode laser hair removal treatment. Thumbs up for the services provided. I can’t wait to see more improvement in my skin.
Mofan Kenny

Brought my wife there. She is very satisfied, very professional and informative. Next time will visit again. This is my 3rd time bringing my wife here to Sliq Clinic for hair removal.
Haris Lim

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Note: First 25 clients who come this month will also get a special 50% discount for hair removal.