Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment


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Top Laser Scar Removal Treatment in Malaysia – Our Laser Technology to Remove Acne Scar

我们诊所使用光波雷射飛梭激光技术进行 疤痕去除治疗。。这将有助于去除暗疮、创伤性疤痕和妊娠纹问题。


Sliq诊所, 我们飛梭镭射激光系统也获得了 FDA 的批准 和安全 有效。由于其波长为 10,600 nm,CO2 激光能量在水中被很好地吸收,促进皮肤的改善。

Here are some of our clients’ results from the laser treatment:



由于我们的皮肤含有非常高的水分含量,这使得 CO2 激光非常适合精确、安全地刺激和增进疤痕皮肤产生新的胶原蛋白。它也可以用来去除痣、肉粒和油脂粒等等。

这种治疗也适用于阳光损伤和 老化的皮肤 以改善色素、毛孔和深层皱纹。

一般来说, 激光 比果酸换肤疗法更受欢迎,因为它可以达致更好的效果,并且可以在同一疗程中治疗各种不同地问题。

👉👉 Watch this quick video below to get an inside look on how the laser scar removal process is being carried out on one of our client.

What to Expect For Laser Scar Removal Treatment in Malaysia

Immediately after the laser scar removal treatment, patient will feel mild discomfort and treated skin area will look red. This redness will slowly improve over period of 5 days, with mild peeling over day 3-5.

The skin generally will look better in day 7, with scars appearing shallower by then.

With each treatment done over monthly period, lines and wrinkles will appear less, with the skin feeling tighter as well.

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