Permanent Double Eyelid Stitching in Malaysia

Our KL & Subang clinic provides Asian Mini-incision eyelid stitching without surgery, making it a better choice for you because it’s non-surgical with low downtime.


Get a detailed consultation with our certified doctors in KL or Subang to see if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.



Eye shape and sizes are different around the world, and for Asian, its common to have monolids, or hidden double eyelids.

There are a few methods where you can achieve double eyelid through the Asian Blepharoplasty procedure or a non-surgery method – Stitching Method.


Short Recovery

Permanent Result

Natural Looking Crease

No Scar

Who is suitable for this procedure?

Step by Step
Stitching Double Eyelid Process

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Why Choose Sliq Clinic for Mini-incision Double Eyelid Stitching ?

This method has low downtime, gives natural results and suitable for most type of eyes. It is also scarless and fat can be removed at the same time, so results last longer than other methods of stitching. Height can be individualized depending on patients requirement.

Results are permanent, at least until upper eyelid starts to sag down due to aging and making the height of double eyelid lower. However, you can opt for surgical correction or plexr non-surgical treatment later. 

Suitable for Most Types of Eyes

Low Downtime

Natural Results


Book a consultation with our doctor in Malaysia to see if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Review is done in 1 week & 1 month post procedure to ensure both side is equal and balance.

Downtime 1 - 2 Week

Treatment duration 1.5 hour

The Results

Before & afters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the stitching last and is it painful?
For sitting or closed method, the defined double eyelid crease will last over 10 years.

Eyelids are a sensitive part of your face body, but your procedure won’t be painful. Eyelid procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that is conducted under Local anaesthesia.

What is the advantages of mini-incision technique vs open method(surgery)?
The mini-incision technique has several advantages over the open technique. As the fold is anchored by 3fixation points medial, center and lateral of the upper eyelid, the new double-eyelid fold will drape smoothly from medial to lateral when the lid elevates. It hence appears more natural.
How long is the downtime and does it leave scars?
Usually patient will look more natural after 2 weeks, however some patient may have mild swelling that can last up to 1 month.

With this procedure it doesn’t leave scar, and with proper care, full recovery is expected in just a month after the procedure.

What are some post procedure advise? Do the stitch need to be removed later?
For the first week, you will be prescribed oral antibiotic and medications which will help reduce swelling for up to a week.

You also have to avoid activities like swimming or contact sports, not wearing contact lens for a week and also not apply eye make up until reviewed by doctor.

With mini-incision technique, you don’t have to remove any stitching after the procedure.

Am I suitable for this procedure if my upper eyelid is puffy?
Its advisable to come for assessment and consultation, as mini-incision technique can help those with puffy eyelids, some amount of fat can be removed as well.

Its always advisable to schedule an appointment first to get our doctor to assess your eyelids beforehand.

What are the possible complications?
To reduce risk of infections, patient need to complete a course of oral antibiotic and keep the treatment area clean and dry. Some patient may encounter bruising which then they will prescribed cream to help with swelling and bruise recovery as well. In certain cases which may require touch up, to treat asymmetry, treatment can be commenced as short as 1 month, this may happen if patient has imbalance eye shape, or excess in skin saggy prior to procedure.


Real Patients, Real Results

I am indeed pleased and happy with the results and touch up. And with Dr Steve‘s advice and consultation, you can rest assure that you are in perfect hands.

Dr Steve has given me a positive dimension and perspective of aesthetic treatments!

Wanyat Choo

Did my eyelids stiching here. Overall everything was great! During the procedure the assistant will help to calm me down, and doctor was very friendly too ☺️ as we keep talking so i dont really feel nervous.
Highly recommend for eyelids stitching!
My recovery was quick! Now it has been 1 week and only minor swelling.

Stephanie Ow

It was a great experience and the ambience of the clinic is just wow.

The Dr’s are very knowledgeable & they provide you with options based on your concern and preference.

Overall the appointment was lovely and it went very smoothly

Elaine Lee

为什么选择 SLIQ 诊所?

作为健康和医学美容从业者,我们的诊所是有卫生部注册的。 我们的设立符合于马来西亚卫生部之标准,由经验丰富的医生专业经营。 我们团队努力的目标,就是让顾客们在我们这里获得愉快的体验和美好的服务。 我们诊所的室内设计旨在提供轻松、舒适及温暖的气氛,让我们的顾客前来诊所享受护理治疗

LCP 认证诊所



由于我们的医生时时刻刻都在提升他们对医学美容界最先进的发展和技术的了解,您可以放心您将得到最好的治疗。 我们一路来注重使用最优质的产品和机器,为我们的顾客提供市场上最安全和最有效的护理治疗


由于每个人的需求都是独一无二的,我地们会仔细研究每个案例,为您制定针对性和独特的行动方案。 我们与顾客保持密切的沟通和互动,以使我们的服务满足您的期望和要求

Awards & recognition


Sliq Clinic is established in 2014, by Dr Steve Chia, whom is no stranger in the aesthetic medical industry, as he is a trainer for numerous international brands throughout his years of experience.

Dr Steve Chia

M.B.B.S. (M.U.) 2007.

Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching from 2007-2009.

Miri General Hospital from 2009-2012.

American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA) 2012, 2013.

Medical Director of SLIQ CLINIC 2014-present

Dr Semantha Chia

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) from Manipal Academy of Higher Education
Melaka Manipal Medical College [Year 2009].

House Office and Medical Officer of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang as well as Hospital Tawau, Sabah [Years 2009 to 2015].

Certificate and Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine [Years 2017 and 2019].

Certificates in Bio-Identical Hormonal Replacement Therapy (BHRT-USA) [Year 2018].

Member of Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)

Member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

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