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First of all, let us look at the commonest skin problems in Malaysia.

Skin problems caused by dehydration

❌ Open pores

❌ Dryness

❌ Aging problems

❌ Skin texture deterioration

❌ Fine Lines/Wrinkles

❌ Acne and scars

❌ Prolonged redness and irritable skin

❌ Delayed wound healing

Skin problems caused by continuous UV exposure

❌ Pigmentations (Freckles, solar lentigines, melasma, PIH)

❌ Erythema

❌ Uneven skin tone

❌ Dull complexion

Diamond Feel Skin Treatment

Diamond Feel Skin Treatment被称为“新时代水光针疗法”。这是一种非常著名的治疗方法,深受 韩国流行歌星和名人的喜爱,在全球 20 多个国家热销。


We suggest DermalSign DiamondFeel forte
for your various skin concerns.



What is so special about Diamond Feel Skin Treatment?

它是一种独特和强的水光针,含有67 种成分为您的皮肤补水、恢复活力和调理肌肤!





Diamond Feel Forte
(Hydrate and rejuvenate with 67 ingredients)

Dermal Sign E+
(Toning with 11 complex ingredients)


Double capsule & semi cross-linked HA

Double capsule & semi cross-linked HA

Main Ingredients

Healing & Anti-Inflammation
Myrothammus Flabellifolia
Callus Culture Extract
Tissue Repariing PDRN

Brightening & Anti-Oxidant

Skin Elasticity & Collagen Booster
21 Amino Acids
6 Growth Factors
4 Peptides

Reduce Pigmentation & Dark Spots
Tranexamic Acid

Smoother & Brighter Skin
10 Vitamins
4 Minerals

Brighter, Healthier, Younger Skin
AA2G (Stabilized Vitamin C)


increase in moisture


increase in collagen boosting


incease in healing effects


decrease in melanin


decrease in inflammation


Outstanding Technology to Make Leading Raw Materials

Customized Solution for Various Skin Concerns

Proven Data for Efficacy of Finished Products

Before & After Pictures (1 Session’s Comparison)

How is the treatment process?

1) Skin analysis to identify the problem areas and concerns.
2) Numbing cream application for 20-30 minutes.
3) Injection using Dermashine technique (Duration: 10 minutes)
4) Mask application
5) Recovery cream application at home for a nice healing.

• 1 complete course of treatment consists of 4 sessions done 2 weeks apart.
• Maintenance can be done at 6 -12 months’ period.

Post-Treatment Care:

• Avoid make up for at least 24 hours.
• To apply Recovery Cream for a week.
• Continue hydrating skincare products and sheet masks.
• No scrubbing or other facial/exfoliation procedures within the 1st week.


Our doctors are some of the early users and trainers of Diamond Feel Skin Treatment.

High client's satisfaction! No downtime, no bruising, minimal to no pain.

Customized treatment plan for each individual based on your skin condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Diamond Feel Skin Work?
Diamond Feel is a formulation that contains 67 active ingredients that revitalizes fibroblasts that are essential in increasing moisturization, relieve and soothes problematic skin and maintaining its resilience. It creates a radiant effect and produces more elastic skin.
How is the Hyaluronic Acid in Diamond Feel different from other HAs?
Diamond Feel is made up of Double Capsule and Semi Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid that when integrates with skin tissues, it will produce a longer lasting glowing appearance and overall skin quality improvement.
When will you start noticing the effect?
You will start feeling the sparkling glow and a more hydrated and plump up skin within 2-3 days after the treatment. There will be more noticeable results as your treatment progresses. The degree of effectiveness may vary depending on the skin conditions.
Can it be done together with other treatment?
Diamond Feel Skin can be combined with laser therapy. However, it will be beneficial to do the Oxygen postcare treatment following Diamond Feel treatment in the same setting to achieve a soothed and fresh skin.
At Sliq Clinic, Diamond Feel Skin treatment is done using the Dermashine machine and a vibrator device to minimize the sensation for a smooth experience. You can also resume your daily activities right after your treatment.


I tried the Diamond Feel Skin Treatment. It was not painful at all. I could appreciate improvement in my skin qualities after a single treatment.. especially my pores.. Can’t wait for my 2nd session!
- Ms. Yuli

Professional doctor and team, a great experience at Sliq Clinic. Diamond Feel is indeed a powerful skin booster that helps my pigmentations & fine lines
- Ms. Teh

Love the ambience, love the service and thanks for making my skin fresh & glow!
- Mr. LS


- 高女士

好喜欢即刻有保湿的效果。我做了3次疗程,斑几乎消失了,脸也紧实和有水分, 化妆也容易许多。。谢谢Sliq Clinic!
- Ms. Ling

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